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The "WAVE" 2 California
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Paul Gigliotti and Dave Thomson make up the Canadian band WAVE!!!
Their debut album Nothing As It Seems went certified gold in Canada at the end of 2001.  Their breakout and infectious single "California" was the song of the summer and reached the #1 spot on the Much Music countdown in August.  The album also included hits "Think It Over" and "Sleepless."  They spent summer 2001 touring with O-Town as the opening act and in early 2002 headlining their own Canadian tour.
Now just over a year later comes WAVE's second album State Of Mind, set to be released on October 15.  The new single from the album "That's How It Feels" can be heard on your local radio stations across request lots!!  You can also catch this awesome new song at their official site!!!


May 11: 
*~ NEW in Tour Dates....check out Wave this summer!!
Feb 14:
*~ NEW in Latest News....Contest-win Dave's guitar!
Jan 24:
*~ NEW in On The Charts....DSS debuts on Mix99.9 & ChumFm Listener Top 30!!
Jan 24:
*~ NEW in Latest News....Wave hitting the T-Dot !
Jan 23:
*~ NEW in Tour tour date added plus TV appearence on MOD!!
Jan 10:
*~ NEW in On The Charts....DSS debuts on Much countdown!!
Jan 10: 
*~ NEW in Tour Dates....more tour dates in the Maritimes added!!

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Members of Wave (l-r): Dave & Paul

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