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The "WAVE" 2 California
Latest News

Here's the scoop...


Live Performance on Victoria Day [05.14.2003]

Wave will be one of two performer's at Ashbridge's Bay Park to celebrate Victoria Day on Monday, May 19.  The celebration that day concludes a four-day celebration of Toronto: You Belong Here Celebration.

Win an Identical Guitar of Dave's [2.14.2003]

MuchMusic and Warner Music Canada have teamed up for an awesome contest.  If you wanna win an American Series Fender Telecaster (its a guitar!!) like the one Dave plays in "Don't Say Sarah" then head on over to and enter for your chance to win!!!  Good luck! 

Wave is Coming to the T-Dot  [1.24.2003]

Dave and Paul will be making two appearences while in Toronto!!!  They will first make a TV appearence on MuchMusic's MOD (MuchOnDemand) on February 6th.  To be a member of the audience visit MuchMusic's official site.  Then three days later, Wave hit the stage performing a mini-concert at this year's Celebrate Toronto Winterfest on February 9th at 2 pm!!!!  For more information on the festival and location click here.  Have fun!!!!

New Years Eve Performance in Kitchener's Festival of the Night 2002 [12.25.2002]

Spend New Years Eve with Wave as they perform live their hit songs at Kitchener's Festival of the Night 2002!!!  Dave and Paul hit the main stage at Civic Square at 9 pm.  Buddle up, drink lots of hot chocolate and dance the night away as you ring in the new year with Wave!!!  For more information about Festival of the Night 2002, click here.

Wave's Interview on CTV's Canada AM [12.09.2002]

Did you miss Wave's interview and performance on CTV's Canada AM on Friday?  Here's your chance to see the 10 minute interview with Canada AM's Lisa LaFlamme.  Click here to see the interview and watch what Wave have to say about their cd, being superstars and their hopes for the future.

Wave's second video and single "Don't Say Sarah" has been released [11.28.2002]

The second single off the latest album, State of Mind, is Don't Say Sarah.  The song has been released and can now be seen on the Hitlist, MuchMusic and MTV Canada.  So go vote, vote and vote!!!  As well, Paul and Dave will be appearing on Open Mike w/ Mike Bullard on December 6th.  If you live in the Toronto area, call Open Mike at (416) 934-4737 or 1-888-394-MIKE for tickets to the show.
To see a clip of the new video, click here.

Wave performing at a screening party in Toronto for World Aids Day  [11.28.2002]

MTV Canada and Levi's present the Levi's 2002 Staying Alive concert in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver in support of World Aids Day on Sunday, December 1st, 2002.  Niagra Fall's duo, Wave, will be performing at the Toronto screening party.  For your chance to win visit or MTV Canada.

YTV's Hitlist Year End Countdown [11.15.2002]

It's that time of year again!  The end of the year is almost here and YTV's Hit List is asking YOU to email them at with your vote for the best video of 2002 for their annual Hit List Year End Countdown.  Remember you get only one vote, so of course we're asking you to vote for Wave's video "That's How It Feels."  Get your vote counted asap!!

TV Appearence Today on eTalk Daily w/ Ben Mulroney [10.25.2002]

Wave is joining the host of eTalk Daily, Ben Mulroney, to promote their latest album, "State of Mind" and talk about their success to date and the boyband image stuck onto every band.  eTalk Daily keeps Canadians up to speed on entertainment in Canada and airs daily on CTV.  Check your local listings for show times.

Hear clips of 5 tracks off the new album State Of Mind  [10.18.2002]

Haven't bought the new album but want to hear some of the new tracks?  Then just click here.  A preview of selected tracks include the hit first single "That's How It Feels" plus "State of Mind," "Don't Say Sarah," "So High" and "Let It Ride."

Tour Dates Announced  [10.17.2002]

Wave have confirmed on their official site (which has a new look) tour dates to promote their second album.  Visit my tour/appearences page for exact dates and times.  As well, visit for details on how to win tickets to the various shows.  All shows are free and winning the show tickets is the only way to get will not go on sale.

Haven't bought the album yet??  [10.17.2002]

If you still haven't had the chance to buy the new album yet, is still offering the cd for $9.99.  As well, has the album on sale for the same low price.  Go buy this awesome album.

Wave to appear on MuchOnDemand the day the album hits stores[10.06.2002]

Dave and Paul will be appearing on MuchOnDemand on Tuesday, October 15, 2002.  The appearence is to promote their second album released the same day.  They will be chatting about the new album and performing.  MuchOnDemand airs daily LIVE @ 5 pm est and repeats daily @ 11 pm and 7:30 am.  Log on to the chat during the LIVE show and you might get a chance to chat with them or ask a question.  Visit

Pre-order the new album State of Mind at for only $9.99[10.02.2002]

For a limited time only, Wave's sophmore album "State of Mind" is now available exclusively at only for $9.99.  To pre-order the cd, click on the banner below.


The new video "That's How It Feels" is on Heavy Rotation[09.20.2002]

Wave's new video for the awesome song "That's How It Feels" has been added to Much Music's playlist as a heavy rotation.  It can be seen almost everyday on the one hour MuchMegaHits show.  The show airs Mon-Thurs at 6pm and repeats sometimes at 12am.  To see a clip of the video click the link below.  As well, if you want to catch the video on TV even more why not head on over to Much's Powershift page and YTV's Hitlist to vote, vote and vote.  Links to these pages can be found on the Charts page of this site.

Wave's new album "State of Mind" to be released on October 15th[08.28.2002]

Wave's sophomore album titled "State of Mind" is set to be released on October 15th!!  In the meantime, the first single off the album "That's How It Feels" has already hit the request, request, request!!...on your local radio stations.  As well, the video for the latest single was shot in Toronto on August 24 and will start airing in late September.  Head on over to the official wave site to see pictures of the video shoot and to hear the new single!!!  (Click the pic below.)

Wave has been nominated for "Best Pop Video" at the 2002 MMVA's  [05.2002]

The Much Music Video Awards come to you live from Toronto on Sunday, June 16, 2002.  Wave have received one nomination in the "Best Pop Video" category.  The other nominees include Amanda Marshall, David Usher, Jordy Birch and Remy Shand.  Congratulations on the nomination and good luck to Wave!!!

CMW Award "Best New Group"  [03.03.2002]

On Saturday March 2, 2002 the 5th annual Canadian Radio Music Awards hit the stage at the Westin Harbour Castle Convention Centre.  Wave were nominated in several categories and managed to come away an award winner in the Best New Group (Adult Contemporary) category.  CONGRATULATIONS Wave!!!

Wave Shooting New Video [10.29.2001]

Wave are headed to Ireland to shoot a new video for their next single "Sleepless" of their debut album "Nothing As It Seems." As a result, their appearance on Open Mike w/ Mike Bullard has been cancelled.

Wave Nominated for Best Pop Video [08.31.2001]

Wave's video "California" has been nominated for Best Pop Video at this year's 2001 Much Music Video Awards. There is no word whether Wave will be attending the Awards show but you can watch the MMVA on Sunday Septermber 23 on Much Music. Pre-game: 7 pm & Showtime: 8 pm.

Wave performing at Mix 99.9's Beachfest[08.31.2001]

Live in the Toronto area? Have nothing planned on Labour Day? Then head on over to the Beaches' Kew Gardens where MIX 99.9 will be hosting a Beachfest and it's FREE. Don't forget to check out Wave's performance...the guys will take the stage early in the day, so be sure to be there by noon so you don't miss a thing!!!!!

Wave Featured on Much Music [08.20.2001]

Check out Much Music's feature on Wave by clicking on the pic below. Once there you'll find some info about the group and as well, real audio video clips of their infectious debut single "California" and their latest release "Think It Over." Keep watching Much to see the full length video which is on medium rotation.

CLICK HERE   (pic taken from

Wave Reach #1 Spot on Much Music!! [08.10.2001]

After 16 weeks on the Much Music Countdown chart, Wave's debut video has reached the top position of being #1!!! Way to go guys, CONGRATULATIONS!

taken from

Another Date Announced!!! [08.07.2001]

This is a special notice for fans in the TORONTO area. Dave & Paul will be out at Canadas Wonderland on Saturday, August 11th for CHUMs Family Day. Catch them performing two songs at 8:20 p.m. on the Kingswood Music Theatre. Concert is FREE with park admission. Other performers include headliner Ronan Keating, Jacksoul & many others.

New Tour Date Announced plus New Video Soon!!! [08.03.2001]

Wave are scheduled to perform at CNE's Bandshell in Toronto, ON on August 22 @ 9pm. The concert is free w/ park admission.

Wave are set to release their next video sometime in late August or early September for their current single "Think It Over" which was filmed over the weekend in Toronto.

Chat w/ Wave Tomorrow! [07.13.2001]

Dave and Paul will be live online tomorrow to chat with fans! The chat takes place at 7:00 p.m. EST on Saturday, July 14th. To chat w/ the guys go to

PsykoChats w/ PsykoBlast performer Wave! [06.06.2001]

You'll be swept away by Wave when they join YOU for a live, interactive and hyperactive web chat.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 12th
TIME: 7 pm EST (4 p.m. Pacific

The Chat Transcript (taken from

Webhead: Welcome chatters...thanks for joining the Wave chat! Please send your interesting questions to Dave and Paul!

Question: If you guys could go on tour with any ONE group or solo artist, who would it be?

Wave: Hmmm... Paul: Madonna...Michael Jackson...The Beatles or Zeppelin.

Question: How did you guys think of the name 'Wave'?

Wave: We sat down one day brainstorming. Someone said, 'Wave'. We went with it. We were looking for something simple, something people would remember.

Question: What is the best thing about being Canadian?

Wave: Ummm...the fact that there are many cultures - and the snow. We live in Niagara Falls, so definitely the Falls too!

Question: Hey Guys...I cant wait 'til Friday....PSYKOBLAST!!! Anyway, I was just wonderingis there anything really important you had to give up to do what you're doing - that you really miss?

Wave: Paul: I was into soccer; I played provincial; I put that aside to work on the music; I'm just glad that it panned out. Dave: I had to give up University.

Question: What were you studying at University, Dave?

Wave: Dave: Visual Arts (...I was gonna be an artist) and Communications.

Question: What has surprised you most about the music industry/recording process?

Wave: The quality...from our demo to the finished product. We had a great experience in LA.the great quality of musicians we got to play with. The whole studio process is a lot of fun and work. :) Because you're being so creative, there's a lot of tension. It's all positive...makes the time go by fast...and you get to play video games :)

Question: Alright, first of all, I think you guys are REALLY talented musicians! :o) I was wondering who YOUR favourite musicians are?

Wave: The first Sky record: Piece of Paradise - Noel Gallager from Oasis, 'cuz he's such a talented writer...(both guys agree).

Question: What toppings do you like on your pizza?

Wave: Dave: pineapple. Paul: bacon and pineapple together :)

Question: Since you are relatively new to the music industry (at least publicly), what would you say is one of the hardest things getting started?

Wave: Knowing that you're gonna be in the spotlight...every move is going to be counted. Not that we're bad people, but you have to watch what you say and do.

Question: When you guys first met, were you instant friends or did you not get along ?

Wave: It was more of a gradual thing. We met in high school. We had different friends. When we started playing in bands, that's when we became friends.

Question: If you could describe each other in one word, what would it be?

Wave: Paul: "funny" about Dave. Dave: about Paul "excited".

Question: Hey Paul, how do we contact you?

Wave: You can email us at our site . We try to reply to most of the messages we get :)

Question: What is the best part about being a star? What is the worst?

Wave: Paul: every move being watched is the bad. The acceptance is the good part; it's almost bittersweet - being watched. Hey, we don't have to wash dishes anymore :)

Question: Do you write all of your own songs?

Wave: We co-write most of our material with our producer, Ben, and some other people...David Martin, Justin Gray, Bryan House.

Question: When did you decide that you wanted to be musicians?

Wave: Dave: around age 13. Paul: gradual process.

Question: Do you have some type of activity you do before you perform on stage?

Wave: Dave: I walk around in circles. Paul: I practice breathing really relaxing before the show.

Question: How do you feel when you hear yourselves on the radio?

Wave: Excited...laughing... 'cuz when you drive in your car and here yourself, it's shocking. It's nice to hear yourself against other bands

Question: Do you have an official website?

Wave: Yep, it is .

Question: Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Wave: Have an open mind and work hard!

Question: I'm such a huge fan! I have a fan website up on you guys. I wanted to know if you could meet one huge celebrity, who would it be?

Wave: Dave: Eddy Vedder. Paul: Paul McCartney.

Question: Hey guys! How long did it take to record Nothing As It Seems?

Wave: About two months total.

Question: What have you been doing to prepare for your upcoming tours?

Wave: Jet skiing, band practice and promo stuff.

Question: If we were to go through your CD collection, what would we find?

Wave: Paul: I love everything...lots of pop, hard rock, Oasis, Beatles, Travis, Led Zep. Dave: Faith Hill, Deftones, Sky, Green Day.

Question: If you could have one date with a female artist who would it be?

Wave: Mandy Moore (she's too young), Christina, Jessica or Brittney.

Question: Do you have any Piercings?

Wave: Paul: no. Dave: nope

Question: Do you guys get noticed a lot in public yet?

Wave: Yes, it's starting to happen. Every week it's more and more often.

Question: Are you guys friends with soulDecision or rivals?

Wave: We've never really met them. We've seen them at a party. We're not rivals. We can't wait to meet them.

Question: Did you guys have any weird nicknames growing up?

Wave: Dave: involves fightinglong story; Paul: Giggs... 'cuz my last name is Gigliotti

Question: Do you feel like you get a lot of creative freedom in the recording process?

Wave: Yes, we do. It depends on the artist and the record label. We have both :)

Question: What's your favourite Canadian band?

Wave: Paul: I don't listen to a lot of Canadian stuff...The Hip; Dave: The Moffatts

Question: What magazine cover would you most like to be on?

Wave: Rolling Stone :)

Question: Dave you are hot! And Paul, you are too! I am just wondering what famous people you have met so far and if it was an unbelievable experience?

Wave: We got the chance to meet Jeff Martin (Tea Party). He invited us into his control room. We got to listen to some new stuff. James Woods - met him after getting off a plane.

Question: Have you guys had any crazy fan moments yet?

Wave: Paul: I met a girl in Vancouver...we're talking Bon Jovi...she said she was gonna throw some of their CD's on stage. Dave: I met a girl who said she was gonna send me a T-shirt

Question: When are you planning on releasing your second single!!!

Wave: Probably August..or late July. It's title is "Think It Over". We'll follow up with a video.

Question: If you were on a deserted island, what would be the three things you could not live without?

Wave: Dave: a cell phone, my CD player, and my guitar; Paul: my guitar, a laptop and a soccer ball.

Question: Do you have a dog? If you do, what's his name?

Wave: We both have a cat, but no dogs. We both want dogs.

Question: Out of all the movies you have seen in your life, which one of them that really inspired you the most?

Wave: Dave: "Contact"; Paul: "Good Will Hunting".

Question: Do you have girlfriends?

Wave: Paul: Should I answer? Umm...that's classified. Dave: Nope.

Question: What do you guys like to do on your time off?

Wave: Jet skiing, hanging out, going to the beach, surfing the net, writing songs/music - that goes without saying :)

Question: Have your families played a big role in your career?

Wave: Paul: Yeah. They paid for the music lessons. They supported me through the years. Dave: My parents encouraged me but always told me to stay in school while I was doing it; "education is important!"

Question: Do you guys still live at your parents' house, or do you guys live on your own?

Wave: Paul: Yep, I live at home in the basement. Dave: Yep, I live at home with my mom, dad and older brother.

Question: If you could have any getaway anywhere, where would it be and why?

Wave: Dave: Australia...and we might get to go. Paul: Italy - I have lots of family there...and I've never been.

Question: Would you insist on adding another member?

Wave: Nope! It's easier with two - no fighting!

Question: Did you do any collaborations with any other artists on your album?

Wave: Yes, musicians and songwriters.

Question: What's it feel like to all of a sudden have people make websites and clubs that about you?

Wave: It's cool. It's good to see that people like our material. It's nice. When we talk to people on the web, they try to get dirt on us. That's kinda fun.

Question: If you could take one trait from each other and switch, Dave what would u take from Paul & Paul from Dave?

Wave: Dave: his height Paul: I'd take Dave's hairLOL

Question: Do you guys have a stylist, or do you pick out what you're gonna wear on your own? I LOVE your style :)

Wave: Yeah, we do that all on our own :)

Question: What is your favourite song that you do?

Wave: All of 'em. If there's one, it's "Until the Record Breaks" we jam out.

Question: Do you have any brothers and sisters?

Wave: Paul: I have an older sister; she's 5 years older than me. Dave: I have an older brother; he's one year older.

Question: What kind of songs can we expect to see from you in the future? Pop/rock or

Wave: Pop - with an organic feel. Yeah, we'll find outmaybe a little more rock, maybe more pop...maybe all out industrial :)

Question: Would you ever leave all your success for something else? If yes, what would it be?

Wave: Dave: Ummm...the ultimate question...I'd have to say NO; this is what I've always wanted to do! Paul: NO!

Question: How does it feel when people are comparing you to other singers/groups?

Wave: You always get that. Bands are always compared. We weren't doing this a year ago. The fact that we're now being compared is a good thing.

Question: What is the best advice you have been given?

Wave: Paul: from our mixing guy. He said, "Always remember radio DJs because they're the ones playing our music. Always remember their names; remember the important people."

Question: What are your views on Napster?

Wave: Dave: It seems that it's coming to an end. I've used it. I won't lie. Before we started doing this, we were downloading music. It's weird. We're on the fence.

Question: Was there ever a time when you guys felt that you didn't want to be musicians?

Wave: Paul: Nope! Dave: Yeah, there've been times; sometimes you come across empty promises; that's frustrating.

Question: Will you guys be doing autographs during your tour?

Wave: Yeah, we'll be doing autographs. We'll be doing parties too, where fans can hang out with the bands - bowling in Calgary. Listen to your local radio station for more info.

Question: Is there anything from home that you are taking with you on tour?

Wave: Paul: My Sony PlayStation (laughing) Dave: Rollerblades.

Question: Do you see yourselves doing any acting in the future?

Wave: Acting? Ummm...I'd be in the Wizard of Oz Dave...I'd love that. Sure, if the right opportunity came along.

Question: What is the funniest thing a fan has ever done to get your attention?

Wave: Paul: Umm...this one fan had a giant poster and it said, 'will you marry me'. I said 'I'd love to marry you'. That was one way to get my attention. Dave: I was on my cell, and this girl waited 5 minutes 'til I got off. That was kinda weird.

Question: Who spends the most time in front of the mirror before a show?

Wave: (They're fighting) Paul!...Dave!...Paul!...Dave!......definitely contest.

Question: Was shooting the video fun?

Wave: Yes, very much so. It was shot in LA outside of Palm Springs.

Question: What are your worst habits?

Wave: Biting my nails...not filling the car with gas...then running out...pushing the car to the limit.

Question: What are your favourite brand names of clothes?

Wave: Paul: Diesel Dave, Quicksilver, Oshkosh (laughing...I'm kidding.)

Question: Are you guys ever going to do a Canadian tour just on your own?

Wave: Eventually, we might do one in the fall.

Question: How did you guys feel when you were given a record contract just minutes after your performance for Warner?

Wave: Shock! It was overwhelming.

Question: How did your parents feel about your getting into the music biz?

Wave: Paul: parents were leery. They wanted me to stay in school; they wanted to make sure I had time to do my homework. Dave: my parents have been there from the beginning; they were very supportive and proud.

Question: How do you guys keep yourselves grounded?

Wave: Paul: Just talking to old friends, familypeople that I'm close to. Dave: Stay out of airplanes :)

Question: Are you guys excited about touring with O-Town?

Wave: Very excited, YES! We're big fans, and it's great exposure for a new act like us.

Question: Do you have any hidden talents?

Wave: Dave: I can draw...jet skiing. We're both into art, drawing, painting, sculpting; we're very right-brained - far to the right.

Question: What kinds of sports were or are you guys interested in?

Wave: Paul: tennis, soccer, hockey, skiing...I've watched a bit of the French Open. Dave: Golf and GOLF only!

Question: What do you guys do for fun when travelling?

Wave: We play video games, play guitar, sightsee. We have a Playstation that keeps us busy.

Question: What's the most irritating question someone has ever asked you?

Wave: LOL... 'How would you describe Dave/Paul?' Not that it is irritating, it's just a tough question.

Question: What is in your CD player right now?

Wave: Dave: Jimmy Eat World Paul: Bachelor Girl

Question: Do you guys play any instruments, other than the guitar?

Wave: Paul: Yeah, drums, piano, bass. Dave: I went to band camp, so....almost everything.

Question: Where do you see yourselves in ten years from now?

Wave: Dave: Definitely in the industry. Paul: Hangin' out with Sting at his house and jammin' to old Police songs.

Question: What kind of car do you guys own? What is your dream car?

Wave: Dave: Well, I own a white Ford Tempo - with Wave stickers; my dream car is a Mercedes. Paul: 1997 BMW; my dream car is a Lamborghini.

Wave: Thanks for chattin' with us. Don't forget to come out next Tuesday. That's the album release on June 19th. Expect an amazing show. Visit our site We try to respond to as much mail as we can. Thanks again and see you soon! Oh, also watch out for our second single. Keep calling those radio stations and help us get to #1.