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Chat Transcript


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Wave chat @ w/
Saturday July 14 2001

The "WAVE" 2 California

Teenhollywood_marc: Okay, the guys of Wave - Paul and Dave have now joined us !!
Teenhollywood_marc: Welcome to the chat, guys!
teenhollywood_wave: Hello
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Look both ways before crossing the street (Smiley face)
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Dont eat yellow Snow!! (Smiley face)
rosiegal_can: How did you guys get the name Wave?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: We just sat around one day, brainstorming and someone said Wave and we all loved it
teenhollywood_wave: I can make a story up if you want (Smiley face)
lizryan16: where did u get the idea for the song California?
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: I was working in a record store and I got talking to him and he just got back from California. I thought how great it would be to go out to California.
teenhollywood_wave: That is sort of what the song is all about They say that you can go there and live out this kind of life. It is a big fantasy worldIt sounded good!
Starsmudge: who are your musical influences and why?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: My musical influences were Micheal Jackson, Elvis, The Beatles, Oasis. Great songwriters, great performers.
Angelwithsoul18: What is your favourite kind of chewing gum?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Dentene
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: The ones that dont turn into nothing after about ten minutes
x_wave_x: Has there been any embarrassing on-stage moments on tour?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: I think what was embarrassing was that my mike went out I hit the mute button on my microphone
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: I think that I was spitting on the people in the front row today when I was singing
mandyyb_88: If you could describe each other in one word, what would it be?
Teenhollywood_Marc: Weve got some fans in the room with us here contest winners from local radio station Power 107
Teenhollywood_Marc: Sydney and Candace say Hi to Amanada (Smiley face)
Teenhollywood_Marc: Candace says You stole my question!! (Smiley face)
Teenhollywood_Marc: LOL
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Paul is Stylin!
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Short
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: for Dave (Smiley face)
Adrienne_moffatt: if you could throw one thing off the top of the CN tower, what would it be?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: An ice cream cone?
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: I would throw Paul!
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: no..Im kidding
kaypiccolo: What is your biggest fear?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: The dark! Haha
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Im afraid of my mic cutting on me on stage
teenhollywood_wave: and Dave in the morning!
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Im afraid of chickens
Cheryl_is_just_peachy: Hey guys! What is your favourite song off your album?
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: All or Nothing
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Think It Over
jbacsdot: Hi!! If you could each change one thing about yourself, personality wise or physical, what would it be and why?
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Height
teenhollywood_wave: I dont have to explain why!
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: The money in my bank account. It should be a little.bigger.
teenhollywood_wave: Thats not really about myself, but oh well
amayhew12ca: What do you guys do on the road to entertain yourselves?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Play Dreamcast, play guitar, write songs
teenhollywood_wave: Roller blade, play soccer, football, tennis
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: I watch him do all that
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: This is all on dreamcast (Smiley face)
great_chick_2001: Paul and Dave whats ur favorite ice cream?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Tiger
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Orange Sherbert
kyllaluvswave: whar are your favourite pizza toppings??
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Pineapple and Bacon
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Pineapple
starsmudge: What traits do you look for in a girl?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Good personality, sense of humor, good fashion sense, smart
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: All of the above (Smiley face)
fa8t2001: What do you like best about Canada?
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: The Rockies
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: The Beer? (Smiley face)
teenhollywood_wave: Health Coverage
teenhollywood_wave: Wow were dorks, eh? (Smiley face)
starsmudge: Now that you guys are famous and can travel all over the globe, where would you like to visit and why?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Id like to visit maybe Austrailia or Hawaii, just because the two places are beautiful
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: I want to go to Estonia
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: I want to go to Denmark
popprincess88: If there could be a candy bar named after Wave, what would it be called and why? -Alison, NY
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Wave!
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Because it would give your tastebuds a wave of flavour
bling_blinging_babe: what are your guyz favourite colours?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Blue
teenhollywood_wave: and black
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Black isnt a color, its a shade!
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: is having a shade cool instead of a color? (Smiley face)
kyllaluvswave: what are both of your bad habits??
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Biting my nails
rosiegal_can: What do you wear? Boxers or briefs
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: I dont have any (Smiley face)
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: OH! Overspending!
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: I wear boxer briefs
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: I go commando!
teenhollywood_wave: NoI wear boxers
Westman67: When you tell people that you are from Niagara Falls, what is their reaction?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Wow
teenhollywood_wave: (Smiley face)
jockie_rawks: whats the craziest thing you have done to get a girls attention?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Jump up and down and scream Im a walrus
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: I handed out my friends business cards. He works at Nike Canada I pretended I was him and handed out his cards
nadia_olena303: If you could bring anything on the road with you, what would it be and why?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: My guitar
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: My cat
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Oh yeah, my pet!
teenhollywood_wave: .Itd probably die because I would forget to feed it!
teenhollywood_wave: Id have no time to feed it or anything.
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: You bring the cat, Ill bring the personal assistant
beth_e18: If you had a million dollars in your back pocket one day and you had a day to spend it what would you buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????? -Beth E WPG MB!!!!!!!!!!
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: I already have a million dollars in my account and Ive bought a lot with it
teenhollywood_wave: No (Smiley face)
teenhollywood_wave: Id buy a car first
teenhollywood_wave: A Porsceh or a Ferarri
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Id buy 100,000 of our CDs so that wed go platinum
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: then wed just get it all back too!
U2_dawl: If you could do a duet with anyone, who would it be and why?
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Paul (Smiley face)
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Dave!
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Ohwait a minute
teenhollywood_wave: (Smiley face)
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Maybe Christina Aguilera or Whitney Houston
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Frank Sinatra
mandyb_88: If you were not in a band, what would you be doing right now?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Id be working at a restaurant, dreaming about doing what I am doing right now!
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Id be in California instead of just going there
joe4canada4: What is a typical day like for you?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Waking up early, doing a lot of interviews, playing a show, and going to bed
angelwithsoul18: Whats the craziest thing someone had done for you guys already?
teenhollywood_wave: And signing autographs
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Draw a picture of us
teenhollywood_wave: This one girl drew this wicked picture of Dave
teenhollywood_wave: ..she made a collage/poster of us
rosiegal_can: do you guys have girlfriends?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: I do, yeah
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: many (Smiley face)
daveslildanding: What do u think of all the reality shows like Big Brother and Fear Factor? *Evie
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: I havent watched too much TV
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: They are very realistic
kyllaluvswave: do you get recognized a lot?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Yeah
teenhollywood_wave: More so now than about a month and a half ago
mandyb_88: Who is the pickiest eater?
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Probably me
michellestriener24: whats your favourite season of the year?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Summer
teenhollywood_wave: But I like Winter too because you get to do a lot of Winter sports like Skiing and stuff
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Same
aliciapearsall2000: What r yalls biggest pet peeves?
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Not being able to walk straight (Smiley face)
TeenHollywood_Marc: (Dave isnt feeling well) (Smiley face)
TeenHollywood_Marc: (Frowning face)
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: people who wear different color Jewelerylike a Silver Bracelet and a Gold Ring
teenhollywood_wave: The clashing of the metals
teenhollywood_wave: People who slurp
miss_sixty_82: If you guys had only 5 bucks in your wallet what would be the last thing you buy with that money?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Gummy Bears
teenhollywood_wave: a lottery ticket
rumpypumpypoopypants: do you have any tattoos?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: No, I dont
teenhollywood_wave: Dave does but hes not allowed to show it!
Beth_e18: If you had a whole day off with nothing to do what would you do?
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Nothing
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Go to the beach and do nothing
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: If you had nothing to do, youd have to do nothing! (Smiley face)
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: But you are always doing something, so you could always classify it as something
TeenHollywood_Marc: LOL
Mandyb_88: Any weird nicknames?
TeenHollywood_Marc: Fan Candace here calls Dave Dwave
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Yohance
teenhollywood_wave: Its an inside thing between my friends
topcornerorbust: What is one question that youve never been asked that youve been dying to answer?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: I think that weve been asked almost every question. Until that day comes, then.well see what happens.
Bender987ca: Whats your favourite game to play on Dreamcast?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Tennis
teenhollywood_wave: What are your turn ons?
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: What every other guy would say! The obvious Im sure!!
teenhollywood_wave: Like personality, and.
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: A girl who is smart in Math, that just turns me onyes.(smiley face)
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: I like girls who are into music
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: I like a girl who can make a mean root beer float. Yeeeeaaaaah.
Superflystang: Has fame changed you?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: No, not really. I still feel the same. I think that if anything, people around me are changing
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: No, the same
TeenHollywood_Marc: Daves busy, hes eating Pizza (smiley face)
Beth_e18: How many marshmallows can you stuff in your mouth??? Beth E WPG MB!!!!!
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: 50,000!!!
teenhollywood_wave: I dont really like to stuff Marshmallows into my mouth because Id probably choke!
teenhollywood_wave: But if I did3 or 4. Depending on the size of the marshmallows
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Are they burnt ones? Colored ones?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Colored little ones? Melted ones?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: 28
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: 10
teenhollywood_wave: not 28 (smiley face)
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: 8
waverox: What is your favourite type of chips? -Malissa, Calgary
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Lays, BBQ
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Miss Vickies, Salt & Vinegar
miss_sixty_82: if you guys could change your hair color for one day what craxy color would you choose and why? Rachela 19
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Blueto match my eyes
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Purple
teenhollywood_wave: just because
teenhollywood_wave: I want to llook like the Grimmace from the McDonalds ads
lynsie083: How does it feel to be in the TOP 5 on Muchmusic?? (you're #4) congrats!
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Thats awesome, its overwhelming. It feels good.
Amayhew12ca: How did the PsykoBlast Tour go?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Great.
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: It went.West (smiley face)
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: We got to tour Canada, meet a lot of new people and hang out with the bands.

Mandyb_88: Do you guys ever fight? Who wins?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: I would seriously crush Dave.
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: I would just kick him in a certain area and run!

Etoilledenuit: How old were you when you first started writing songs?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: I started writing when I was really really young. The songs just started to become better when I was older. I started when I was 8. By the time I was 13, 14, that is when I started getting serious with songwriting.
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: When I was 15.

acid_lemonade2000: has being in the group strengthened your frinedship, or do start getting on each others' nerves?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: We are like brothers... sometimes we fight, but the next day it is over with
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: we haven't fought in a long time though

sports_are_mine: Do you know any other languages? Comme francais?(like french)
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Oui, I speak Italian
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: I speak Ebonics

jockie_rawks: Whats the worst thing you have dont to each other? any pranks?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: We haven't really pulled any pranks on each other...
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: he doesn't know it yet -- what I did :)

calculoso: Is your life like any of the songs that you sing?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Yeah, I can relate to a lot of our songs
teenhollywood_wave: Some of the songs are just about different scenarios that I've been through.

MOECHICK3: Sandals: with or without socks? - From Pepe and Chiba!
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Without! That's a pet peeve
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: I never wear sandals. But I would say without socks because other people do.. so I'll follow the trend.

teresee23: do you find old friends treat u different with the more famous you get?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: No
teenhollywood_wave: Not yet
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Not your close friends, just those people that think that they are your friends

lekili18: Any plans to hit the States?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Yes, hopefully this year. If not, then next year for sure. Next January actually.

bling_blinging_babe: Can you tolerate hott stuff? ie - pepper, salsa?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: In moderation
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: same

nadia_olena303: Do you guys get nervous on stage?
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: I don't get nervous, but I find that my legs cramp up or something. I just get all tight in my knees... I don't know what it is.
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Not really, more excited before a show. There is always a bit of nervousness, but that is normal and healthy.

billabongergurl: Do you guys read your horoscopes? Do they ever come true?
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: The only horoscopes I read are the ones that I get when I open up a fortune cookie Most of the time, they are pretty general
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: I don't read horoscopes

jenny6189: what is one of the biggest obstacles you faced in your musical career?
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Boot camp
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: We've had it pretty easy, it has been a quick ride
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: So far!
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Knock on wood

justintimberlick69: Pepsi Or Coke ? Ryan - Mb
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Coke
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Coke
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: It doesn't even matter, it all tastes the same to me

ride_me_dave: Who is the more sociable one of the two of you?
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Me when I'm not dizzy and about to fall over
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: Yeah, Dave is by far
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: But I'm pretty tame on stage, so it is pretty wierd... opposite.

daveslildancing: What do you plan to do after your tour with O-town finishes? *Evie
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: start a TV show!
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: relax a little bit
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: but I don't know because stuff comes up all the time, I don't know what we will be doing in the future

country_kat101: If you could max out a credit card in a store (or 2) which one(s) would it be?
TeenHollywood_Marc: We are chatting with Paul and Dave from the Canadian band "Wave". There are 8 minutes remaining to chat.
teenhollywood_wave: Dave: Futureshop
teenhollywood_wave: Paul: The Diesel clothing store


daves_osh_kosh_girl: Bellybuttons--innies or outties??
Wave: (Paul) Innie (Dave) Innie (Dave) Outties are freaks! :-)

lynsie083: What's the last movie you saw in theatre?
Wave: (Dave) The Fast and the Furious -- twice ! (Paul) The Animal

Wave: (Paul) Neither! (Dave) Dog Whistle

adrienne_moffatt: if you had a girl over for dinner, what would you cook for her?
Wave: (Dave) Sloppy Joes.. Kraft Dinner (Paul) I'd cook a nice Antipasto with a Vinagrette.. (Paul) I'd have my mom cook it up (Paul) I can juggle two balls with one hand I'm sure there are many people that can do that.. I just don't know anybody! (Dave) I don't have any... (Paul) Dave and I are both artists -- we both draw, paint, sculpt

lil_tigger87: What's your favourite holiday?
Wave: (Paul) Christmas

loverash2001: Hi wave my name is ashley my question is if u could change any thing out of the world what would it be???
Wave: (Paul) So many things (Dave) This is his "Miss America" pageant speech! (Paul) stop fighting between religions, save the Dolphins, save the Rainforests

italia_gal69: How many licks does it take you to get to the inside of a tootsie pop?
Wave: Everything that should be good :) (Dave) I don't know what to say ! (Paul) 300

cole0728: What other dreams do you wish to accomplish?
Wave: (Dave) I want to learn how to skateboard really good one day

lauren_and_jessica: Who is the joker of the 2 of you?
Wave: (Dave) Me

TeenHollywood_Marc: Okay, the last question of the evening is coming up...

topcornerorbust: What can your fans do to help you get more exposure?
Wave: (Dave) Buy the record, I guess (Paul) Spread the word and help vote on radio station web sites

TeenHollywood_Marc: Alright, that was the last question. Thanks for joining us, guys!! Any last words?
Wave: (Dave) Thanks for all of the support (Paul) Visit the web site ( ) (Dave) see you at the shows!

Rest of Transcript soon!

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