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The "WAVE" 2 California

Wave doing the LIVE thing......

Performing on Music Works!!

taken from CBC's Music Works

Click on above pic for a video clip of Wave on Music Works!!

Wave performing at Kiss92's Fanny Awards!  [10.09.2001]

taken from Nov 9 2001


Performing at Levi's World Aids Day!  [12.01.2002]

Wave performing at Levi's World Aid's Day

On Open Mike w/ Mike Bullard

pic taken from

"Wave is the band of this summer and who knows about next summer." ~ Mike Bullard [05.30.01]

taken from

Open Mike Pic
Performing on February 5, 2002 show

"Wave is a fan favourite and loaded with potential for tons of hits and visits in the future.." ~ Mike Bullard [02.05.02]

Open Mike Pic
Answering Q's on February 5, 2002 show

12/02/02 performance on open mike
Wave performing "Don't Say Sarah" on Open Mike - Friday, December 6th 2002

Wave:  Returning sensation with CD "State of Mind"
"Wave always delight but tonight was the best performance I've seen by them, here or otherwise."  ~ Mike Bullard [12.06.02]

Performing after an Ottawa 67's game!! [11.08.02]

Wave performing after Ottawa 67's game