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The "WAVE" 2 California
2001 Tour/Appearences

Check 'em out at a city near you this summer!

TV Appearences/Radio Interviews:

May 25 - CBC Music Works Taping - Ottawa
May 27 - CTV's "Sonic Temple" Taping - Toronto
May 28 - KISS 92 ("Sideshow" Steve Jones)- Regina
May 28 - Z99 (Vinnie Taylor)- Regina
May 28 - Power 107 (Maz McFly)- Calgary
May 28 - Hot 103 (Brian Cooke)- Winnipeg
May 28 - Power 92 (Busta Love)- Edmonton
May 28 - Star 94.7 (Chrissy Troyan)- Brandon
May 29 - MuchMoreMusic (pre-taped 4:30 est)- Toronto
May 29 - Much AXS (Rick and Rachel)- Toronto

Jun 16 - CTV's Sonic Temple 10pm EST on CTV

Sep 07 - Psykoblast II: This Time It's Personal Pt 1 YTV @ 8 pm
Sep 07 - Psykoblast II: This Time It's Personal Pt 2 YTV @ 8:30 pm
Sep 23 - MMVA - nominated for BEST POP VIDEO - MM
Sep 25 - CBC's Music Works feat. Wave - CBC @ 5:30 pm

Oct 03 - Global TV "This Morning Live" Live Interview @ 8:40 am
Oct 03 - Musique Plus Live Interview @ 1:00 pm
Oct 03 - Global TV News/Entertainment Segment @ 5:30 pm (pre-tape)

Nov 02 - Mike Bullard @ 10 on Comedy & @ 12:05 on CTV (Cancelled)
Nov 02 - Hitlist during Fan Club @ 7:00 pm on YTV

Dec 08 - Special hour on Much @ 4:00 p.m. MM
Dec 13 - Mike Bullard @ 10 on Comedy & @ 12:05 on CTV (Cancelled)


Tour Diary

Hey everybody,

We just got back from our very first tour and it was an amazing experience for us. Both Paul and I are taking a few days off to hit the beach and relax before we go back out on the road with O Town. We had the time of our lives on the Psykoblast tour and we met a lot of great people that we hope to see again on the next tour.

We were amazed at the response we would get in each city we played. Everybody knew California" and by the end of the tour once our CD came out the crowds were singing along to all of the songs. We also found ourselves really growing as a band and each night the show seemed to get better and better. The first show of the tour was exciting because we had never met Snow, B4-4, or soulDecision up until then so we didn't know what to expect. But everybody was so nice to us. B4-4 immediately came up to us singing the chorus to California so right there I knew this tour was gonna be way too much fun.

I can remember walking out on stage in Calgary with our 'Flames' jerseys on and hearing the crowd go wild, that was a fun night, sorry Edmonton. Each city we played at was beautiful in its own right. From the scenery in Vancouver to our nations capital we got to see it all. The only thing I do regret though is missing the Rockies coz nobody woke me up. But I realize now more than ever that we have an amazing country and should be proud of it!

When the last show came it was kinda bittersweet because for us it was our homecoming show but it was also the end of the tour. We would like to thank everyone involved behind the scenes who made this tour happen. We would also like to thank YTV for inviting us to come out and play. Last but not least, thanks to Trevor, Dave, Ken, Dan, Ryan, Ohad and Darren for being so kind to us and making us, the new kids on the block, feel welcome!!! And thanks to all the fans in every city for being there and coming out to the show. We couldn't wait to walk out on that stage each night!

See ya in a few weeks..............

*******************************************************************(taken from Wave Mailing List - Friday July 6th 2001)


Upcoming Shows

Jun 15 - Vancouver, BC Plaza of Nations
Jun 16 - Kelowna, BC SkyReach Place
Jun 18 - Calgary, AB Pengrowth Saddledome
Jun 19 - Edmonton, AB Shaw Conference Centre
Jun 21 - Winnipeg, MN Winnipeg Arena
Jun 24 - Ottawa, ON Aberdeen Pavilion
Jun 25 - Mississauga, ON Hershey Centre (T.O.)

Jul 11 - Vancouver, BC Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Jul 13 - Edmonton, AB Northern Jubilee Theatre
Jul 14 - Calgary, AB Jack Singer
Jul 16 - Winnipeg, MN Concert Hall
Jul 17 - Thunderbay, ON Community Auditorium
Jul 19 - Toronto, ON Molson Amphitheatre
Jul 20 - London, ON Centennial Hall
Jul 22 - Halifax, NS Metro Centre (concert bowl)
Jul 24 - Montreal, QU St Denis Theatre
Jul 25 - Ottawa, ON National Arts Centre

Note: Concerts in June are a part of the Psykoblast Tour; Concerts in July are as opening acts of O-Town

Aug 11 - Maple, ON CHUM Family Day @ Canada's Wonderland
Aug 22 - Toronto, ON CNE Bandshell - 9pm

Sep 03 - TO, ON Mix 99.9 Beachfest @ Kew Gardens
Sep 15 - St. Catherines, ON Brock Centre

Nov 09 - TO, ON Air Canada Centre - Kiss92 Fanny Awards
Nov 12 - Halifax, NS Rebecca Cohn Theatre
Nov 13 - Fredericton, Fredericton Playhouse
Nov 14 - Moncton, NB Capitol Theatre
Nov 15 - Sydney, NS Savoy Theatre
Nov 17 - TO, ON 1-3pm Eaton Centre American Eagle Outfitters
Nov 30 - Chatham, ON Chatham Cultural Centre

Dec 02 - Orillia, ON Orillia Opera House
Dec 31 - Niagra Falls, ON Winter Festival of Lights


Hey everyone...Thank you so much for visiting our web site. We have recently just finished our tour across Canada with O-Town and it was amazing, we had a lot of fun and we even had time to hang out with the guys and they seem really cool!

For those of you who got a chance to see the show this time around we thank you and hope you enjoyed it. We are really sorry that we have not got a chance to reply to the e-mails lately from our site but we try to read and reply to most of them when we are able to...thank you so much for your guys rock and I am sure we will see ya soon. ciao!

Paul and Dave

[Jul '01 - taken from Wave's auto-reply message]